Bespoke Property and  Pool
Construction,    Renovation,
and Repairs in North Cyprus

Grand Villa with a Pool, Garage, Annex, and Stone Walls

Project Description:

This 195 m2 grand villa was built in 2008 in the village of Malatya, North Cyprus. The villa was situated for exposure to plenty of daily sunlight along with stunning views of both the sea and the mountains. Three bedrooms and a number of large open spaces resulted in a perfectly sized dwelling.


A large lounge along with a beautiful fireplace were added for ambience and entertaining. The two upstairs bedrooms included exits to the balcony where the homeowners could relax beneath a decorative pergola.


Perfect for an afternoon swim, an 8x4m outdoor pool was installed including a BBQ area for family and friends. The villa and the pool area were enclosed with decorative yet supportive stone walls to protect the property in the case of a natural disaster or damaging rains. The villa was finished out with an annex for extra storage space along with a spacious garage. The outdoor entry was perfectly tiled in stone and marble for an impressive first appearance.


Project Challenges:

  • The villa was built on a steep and mountainous multi-level terrain that required experienced workers.
  • High wooden ceilings required special equipment and skills by the Cyprus Homebuilders team.
  • The walls were built using two rows of natural volcanic bricks and a heatproofing foam insulation between the rows.
  • The interior walls were handcrafted with traditional decorative yellow stones.
  • The marble floors were polished and prepared for moisture, heat, and other elements that could cause a problem.
  • The stone and marble entrance was carefully designed by our craftsmen to create a true work of art.

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