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Land Sale and Legal Advice in North Cyprus

When you are searching for a perfect plot on which to build property in North Cyprus, the experience can be overwhelming or it can be one of the most rewarding and inspiring times of your life. While there is a lot to consider, with a little research, a good checklist, and some solid legal guidance, you can turn your land buying experience into a satisfying once-in-a-lifetime memory.


Girne Harbour - North Cyprus


Do Your Research

Use local resources and the Internet to find out what you can own. When potential buyers choose estate agencies, they are likely to be competing with many others for the same plots, as most sellers place their ads with the same few agencies and for rather high prices. At Cyprus Homebuilders, we know numerous trusted locals who do not rely on the estate agencies and in fact many people who may not speak English but prefer to sell directly through someone they know and trust. This can also keep profit margins at a minimum on their plot of land. The fact is, many of these plots are absolutely unique and have stunning views, and we have some great connections to share.


When you are seeking the perfect land, whether it is by the sea or high in the mountains, it helps to understand the steps involved in your dream purchase. When you buy land in the TRNC, you need legal help. If you rely on an expert to perform the legal research and assist you with a purchase, risks are reduced and your time is well spent in finding problem-free land. Many buyers are not able to identify hidden costs related to building infrastructure and pedestrian requirements when purchasing property. As well, buyers are not always aware of permit requirements. At Cyprus Homebuilders, we are proud to admit we’ve saved customers thousands of British pounds by sharing the truth about the added costs of pedestrian walkways, rainwater drainage, manholes, and more.


Write a Checklist

Create a checklist based on the research you did and include details about the following: 

  • Find available land or plots in the locations where you wish to build;
  • Contact a reputable construction company for legal help and sale assistance;
  • Review and understand the TRNC’s property title deeds;
  • Understand plot paper requirements and get all necessary papers in order;
  • Close on your land and build the house of your dreams.
  • buy land in North Cyprus
  • find land for construction in North Cyprus

Seek Guidance

Keep in mind there are four types of property title deeds in North Cyprus, and your specific buying process will depend on your desired property. These property titles deed types include:

    1.  Pre-1974 Turkish Freehold Title;

    2.  Pre-1974 Foreign Freehold Title;

    3.  TRNC Exchange Title (Eşdeğer);

    4.  TRNC TMD Title (properties and land plots granted to the

          Turkish immigrants by the TRNC government after 1974).


When you rely on an expert, all of the details are covered. Here at Cyprus Homebuilders, we have an extensive database of land plots to select from and years of experience in assisting our customers in closing deals. You can rely on us to accommodate your needs for land search, legal advice, paperwork, assistance with the sale, closing, and eventually building your dream home if this is your ultimate goal.


Feel free to contact us or stop by our office to find out more on the topic of land purchases in North Cyprus. You are only one step away from your dream!


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