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Pergola and Balcony Built in Doğanköy

Project Description:

Villa owners in Doğanköy decided to enrich their large backyard veranda with a gorgeous pergola and balcony. They desired a completely lined and tiled roof with new lighting and additional electrical outlets. The team removed the old timbers from the existing structure and installed new ones and insulated the structure for water damage. New balcony walls were erected to support the timbers and create more privacy for the adjoining master bedroom. The team was able to complete the project in only two weeks.


Project Challenges:

  • The veranda was a unique design and shape that required precision planning and workmanship;
  • The timber work had to be evenly spaced, correctly installed, and artistic as well to please our owners and onlookers;
  • The new roof over the veranda was built to withstand strong winds and heavy rains that often occur in Cyprus in winter.

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Hi would be interested on getting a quote from you for a tiled roof pergola approx 4x4"I live in Esentepe Thanks Judy
Dear Judy, thank you for contacting our company. We've just sent you an email.