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Step-by-Step Villa Construction Process by Cyprus Homebuilders

Building your own property in North Cyprus is an exciting endeavor. When you make the right choices, building can result in a blissful paradise where you can spend the rest of your life. When you make a mistake, you may experience an unforeseen nightmare. You must proceed with caution in the TRNC because the region is unfortunately notorious for sub-standard house construction and dishonest builders that use "hit-and-run" tactics.


In order to select a proper building contractor for your project, it is important to research and review a few good companies, see their project work, and learn about the materials and construction techniques they use. Talk to satisfied clients and review online client testimonials. You want to be 100% sure the company you choose will actually do what they promise.


Here at Cyprus Homebuilders, we believe that one picture is worth a thousand words. Below is a selection of images showing our step-by-step villa construction process, from the foundation to the core fit-out, while the project is still in progress. If you would like to learn more about our property construction services, please visit the service page. If you have any questions regarding our building techniques or the materials we use, feel free to contact us!

We stand behind our work and keep our customers satisfied every time!