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Villa Entrances Redesigned in Ozanköy

Project Description:

Our team was able to extend the main house entrance by 9 m2 in order to add extra space to the living area and provide some added safeguarding from harsh winter rains. The side doors leading to the outside were small and originally opened to the inside, taking up space in the room and also allowing dust and rainwater to get inside. We fitted attractive new PVC framed doors with glass so they opened to the outside. We also installed two travertine thresholds to nicely finish the entrances and stop water, cold air, and dust from getting inside. The new glass allows plenty of sunlight into the rooms, and the doors no longer occupy the living space. The team was able to complete the project in only two weeks.


Project Challenges:

  • The existing doors were plain and ineffectual, so the team needed to find functional doors that also added interest and beauty to both the interior and exterior of the villa.
  • The thresholds would need to match the design of the home and be compatible with the new doors. Travertine was selected as the perfect choice.
  • Removal of the previous tile was a messy job, but our experienced team was on top of the cleanup process throughout the project.

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